Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rava Puttu


Rava/sooji/semolina - 2 cups


Warm water - 1 cup

Coconut scrapes - 1 cup


· Roast Rava on amedium heat for 10-15 minutes,stirring occationally.

· Remove rava from heat when it start to change color slightly.Allow it to cool

· Add salt to the roasted rava,sprinkle little water to the rava and start mixing it using your hands

· Repeat sprinkling water till the flour is wet.

· Take water in a puttu kudam and allow it to boil.

· Add 2 tbsp of coconut to the bottom of puttu kutty,then add rava till the middle of puttukutty,followed by coconut.Continue adding rava and add finally some coconut on the top.

· Place the puttu kutty on the top of puttukudam and allow it to steam.

· Cook for 5-10 minutes after steam comes out from puttukutty.

Serve hot with kadala curry,cherupayar curry,banana

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